Saxophone Brands

Saxophone brands (listed in alphabetical order).

KeilwerthSelmerYamaha, and Yanagisawa are sometimes called "the big four" as they are considered the most established saxophone manufacturers.

Other saxophone brands include Alpine, Anaxa, Armstrong, Buescher, Buffet, Cecilio, Conn, Jupiter, Leblanc, Martin, Monique, Prestini and Selman. You can read about these brands below and click on the links to learn more about them.

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  • Alpine Saxophones - An alpine saxophone is an affordable student instrument. These saxophones are made from brass with post-to-rib construction.
  • Anaxa Saxophones - The Anaxa saxophone is a brand that is not as widely known as others, but is reported by some to be a good saxophone. It is reported to be a well built instrument that is great for beginners.
  • Armstrong Saxophones - The Armstrong saxophone carries a brand name that is more often associated with flutes, clarinets, and piccolos. Many beginning band players have gotten their woodwind start playing one of these instruments.
  • Buescher Saxophones - The Buescher saxophone is named after Gus Buescher who made the first American saxophone in 1888.
  • Buffet Saxophones - The Buffet saxophone, made by the Buffet Crampon company has been around since 1866, which was just 20 years after Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone.
  • Cecilio Saxophones - Cecilio saxophones are one of the best price / quality bargains you can make today. They are one of the cheapest saxophone brands out there and unlike some similar low-end brands, they offer superior designs and durability.
  • Conn Saxophones - Conn saxophones have been around for many years. Conn is a standard name among instruments for beginning players, but historically, their saxophone line has been quite impressive.
  • Jupiter Saxophones - When shopping for saxes, Jupiter is sure to be one of the brands you will run into. So just how reliable are instruments from the Jupiter company?
  • Keilwerth Saxophones - A keilwerth saxophone is considered to be one of the best brands available. Professional saxophonists refer to the top manufacturers of saxophones as the "big four" and Julius Keilwerth is one of the brands in this exclusive list.
  • King Saxophones - King saxophones are one of the most ornate and collectible of the vintage saxophone brands. Many featured engraving on the entire body of the horn, and even on the key cups.
  • Leblanc Saxophones - Leblanc makes the saxophone brand names Vito and Yanagisawa. Among saxophone enthusiasts, Yanagisawa is considered to be one of the "big four" of saxophone brands that are the very best.
  • Martin Saxophones - The Martin saxophone is one of the most sought after collectible vintage brands around. Martin made a variety of different lines of saxophone from the years from 1919 to 1967.
  • Monique Saxophones - If you run across a Monique saxophone in your instrument shopping, have you found a good sax, or will it be a lemon? Apparently, it depends. Monique is a Taiwanese brand that is usually better than the cheap Indian and Chinese brands...
  • Prestini Saxophones - Prestini is one of Italy’s most prestigious musical instruments manufacturer and nowadays, the company has reached international fame, especially through their saxophones.
  • Selman Saxophones - Since the names Selman and Selmer are so similar, sometimes dealers advertise Selman saxophones in such a way that you would think you are getting one of the big four. This is not the case.
  • Selmer Saxophones - The design of the Selmer saxophone is meant to “anticipate the future and embrace the past.” as the company states. The Series III saxophones are modern versions that are based on heritage musical instruments of the past.
  • Selmer Bundy Saxophones - Of the brands available, the Selmer Bundy saxophone is one of the most familiar of the student model saxophones. Even though student models cost much less than professional instruments, a Bundy still retails for $700.
  • Yamaha Saxophones - Yamaha saxophones are some of the most popular saxophones on the market. They are chosen by many of the world's leading saxophonists. Yamaha manufactures a wide range of tenor, alto, soprano, and baritone saxophones.
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