sax embouchure ?

by Derek

over the last few weeks I have been told my embouchure is all wrong First I covered my lower teeth with my lip
and I was told this is not the best way then with a new teacher I was told this is the only way,
as I have only just started playing what are the views of other sax players Help Please .Thanks ""RETRO "

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Sep 10, 2008
sax embouchure
by: Anonymous

from an experienced sax player, putting your lower lip over your teeth is the right way to play.

Sep 01, 2009
Professional Sax Player Ia am
by: Michael Douet

That is the right way just keep in mind you yourself will learn as you go along use what works for you keep using it and just know that you can learn how to move your lip in different slide positions meaning that you will learn while you are playing you can re position your lip depending on what note your playing next you don't have to re position your lip most of the time only in certain times not all the time it stays the same most of the time its like bowling only re position if the lane changes but you have to do it fast and sometimes come right back to the original Lower lip cover bottom teeth position yes I've been using it for 32 years and it works another thing all you need to know is penatonics from there you can change keys and play all kinds of b-bop and Rock and Rhythm and Blues one is the D Penatonic scale d f g g# a c and back to the next highest d Good luck and God bless you Http:// the next one is e flat f# a G# b flat c# and back to the next highest e Flat now I tell you someone showed me when I was 17 or 18 I still use it today and I play with Mike Harris Earth Wind and Fire

Jan 24, 2010
soft embouchure
by: Anonymous

I think we need to differentiate between the clarinet embouchure and the sax embouchure. The sax is more relaxed. Try your thumb in your mouth like you are a little kid and sucking your thumb and pout...the lower lip should form a soft pad for support, not a hard ridge like you get with a clarinet "fold your lip over your teeth" embouhure.
Email me and I will send a sax embouchure page to you
Kelly the repair guy who sells lotsa mp's

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