ROXY Tenor Saxophone

by Yumi
(Vancouver B.C. Canada)

Have you ever seen a Tenor Saxophone with 'ROXY' engraved inside the bell? I would like to find out who actually is the manufacturer of this Tenor Saxophone being sold second hand for $612. I just want to make sure I don't make a bad purchase.

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Sep 02, 2008
by: Adrian

Make sure you have spotted a quality sax before buying it. A trusted name would be more recommended.

Dec 12, 2008
I saw a Roxy alto
by: Anonymous

The alto I saw had nice engraving and appeared to be of good quality. It was manufactured in Germany.

Feb 04, 2010
Origins of Roxy
by: MusicManiac

Check out forums or on the left side about 1/3 the way down. According to the information posted there, Roxy is a Keilwerth stencil called a "tam" made in Germany by Keilwerth copiers, such as Amati, Dörfler & Jörka (1949 to 1968, then purchased by Keilwerth) and B&S" with a Keilwerth body and slightly altered key work from D&J & is considered very rare & exceptional if it has a circle on hte back near the serial number saying "The best in the world!"
Other It was imported into the USA by Don Wunn music in Portland, Oregon in the 50's or 60's? It's omparable to a Bundy Special.

Oct 29, 2010
Roxy Tenor Sax
by: Anonymous

It has some kind of full sound, you actualy "Feel" you have an instrument they are not making the quality of it anymore...

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