Reed problem with bari sax

by Blacksaphone
(New Hampshire)

Hello, I am playing right now with a 3.5 rico royal and i am looking for a more durable reed for both jazz and classical. I have tried Vandoren blue box 3.5 and 3 but the problem with the reeds is when ever i go to play it the reed is either over saturated or not wet enough and either way I'm fighting the reed the whole time. I have tried many ways to break in the reed and even still it doesn't work. What other reeds are good for bari sax?

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Jan 27, 2011
Reeds for the Bari
by: Malcolm

In my experience the Bari is fairly tolerant of reeds. I use Rico Royals.

Since the problem affects Rico Royals and also the ever-dependable Van Dorens, I would try having two or three reeds to hand and changing them through the session. Scott Hamilton (tenor)seemed to change his reed twice in each number when I saw him live at the Shepperton Jazz club, so there could be something to gain.

John Robert Brown, in his book, warns about spending valuable practice time on searching for the right reed, so be warned.

Good luck,

Mar 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

Frederick L. Hemke reeds, produced by Rico, are, by far, the most consistent and the best sounding reeds I have come across. But, of course, it all depends on you preference and the mouthpiece you use. I use a Eugene Rousseau classical mouthpiece for my bari and in combonation with the hemkes i get a wonderful, rich, dark, mellow tone.

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