The Prestini Saxophone

Prestini Saxophone

Prestini is one of Italy’s most prestigious musical instruments manufacturer and nowadays, the company has reached international fame, especially through their saxophones. These saxophones come in various models, from alto, to soprano or tenor and they are considered, by many specialists, as having a great price / quality ratio.

The problem with Prestini, as expressed by some dealers and users alike, is the lack of publicity of the brand, at least in comparison to other competitors on the saxophone market. A lot of people are disappointed of the fact that such a great musical instrument such as the Prestini saxophone, can’t find its way in the hands of amateur enthusiasts or professionals, simply because the brand is not marketed enough, internationally.

But besides this fact, as with almost all companies producing instruments in this field, Prestini offers a large variation of models, each with its own performance and quality settings. Ranging from beginner horns, which are not as performant and are meant for training purposes mostly, to “Pro Models” aimed at the very best players out there, a Prestini may very well suit your musical needs, regardless of the level you play on, or if you are an alto, soprano or tenor player.

Prestini SaxophonePrestini Tenor Saxophone - SA-586E

The Prestini saxophone’s sturdiness and its excellent projection makes it a great value buy. But make sure that you get the right model fitting your playing style, since otherwise things can go bad. If you’re not very experienced in sax playing, note that if you’ve practiced alto for a while, the high range of a soprano saxophone will need a little (or a lot, depending on your ability to adapt) getting used to.

One thing that does not live up to the Prestini’s high standards is the mouthpiece that comes with most models. This can be easily replaced and it’s still a small minus, compared to the model’s huge pluses. The Prestini models will also prove to be some of the lightest saxophones you’ll ever play on, which is a huge bonus that many consider vital to their performance.

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