new to sax. steinhoff any good?

by jesslewis
(wollongong australia)

Hi looking at playing the alto sax. Dreamt about it for years so why not!! Want to start on something relatively cheap as I have no idea whether I'll like it or even be any good. Keep seeing Steinhoffs at decent prices but can't find much info on them are they ok or a real cheap and nasty
? ?
Thanks any input appreciated

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Mar 08, 2013
new to alto
by: AnonymousMike Krechevsky

I'd suggest a couple options: Student saxes are often available on Craigs list. They are durable, and practicle. 3 brands in this category I'd suggest are: Bundy; Yamaha; and Conn. Most Music stores have rent to buy options where your rental payment goes towards purchase so if after a few months the reality does not match up with the expectation you are not out too much cash. (Usually around $30.00 per month)

Or you can pick up a used one on Craigs List or E-Bay for around $300-350.

Feb 19, 2014
Do your homework and shop around first.
by: Carlis

Well when it comes to your first Saxophone you need to ask yourself is this a hobby or a profession. If this is a hobby you need to save and check out what your local music store have in used saxophones. I have brought a Mendini sax from Amazon paid $350 plus shipping for the instrument and another $400 on the alignment key issues. The instrument plays better and I'm a hobby saxophonist. After having the sax fixed I continue to practice for an hour a day and I'm saving my pennies to buy a better intermediate saxophone for longer years of playing.
So is Steinhoff any good if you buy it online the answer is NO. Might I recommend to refraining to buying your saxophone online. Just don't do it!

Jun 19, 2016
What sax to start with.
by: Azuka

Buying a sax online is ok. I've done it many times. But you need to have some discussion with the seller to make sure they know how to protect these delicate instruments in shipping.

Most amateur sellers will put a lot of effort to protect things outside the case. But that's not so important... what's REALLY important is what's going on INSIDE the case. Everything should be wrapped with thin bubble wrap or similar.

The neck receiver MUST have something inserted to protect the octave key post from severe damage or breakage. A $1 neck plug is best, but even rolled up corrugated cardboard is effective, or an old champagne cork.

Have them google 'This Old Horn Packing' and up will pop up one of the best explanations with photos on how to protect a sax in shipment.

One of the absolute best saxes to start with is a used Yamaha YAS-23 or YAS-21... even the YAS-200AD in current production is ok, but the 21 is the best, 23 almost as good. Some of these are available as modern VITO saxes, absolutely identical except for the engraving and lacquer color.

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