Meyer metal mouthpiece question

by jaime paredes
(spring hill, FL)

HI, I got a Meyer metal MP for Tenor sax (6J) I made the purchase online, so I have received the MP in a box with a paper label saying it's a Tenor MP 6J, OK, but I started feeling disappointed once the my reed (RICO LA VOZ Medium for Tenor) didn't fit on the ligature, this one couldn't embrace the reed so I started to think if they made a mistake and put an Alto Sax MP instead of the Tenor Sax MP.
Anyway I managed to use another ligature different to the original and then I was able to fit the MP on my Tenor, but because I am a beginner and this is my first experience with metal mouthpieces it seems to me very small and narrow so I have the hunch that I got an Alto MP, I contacted the manufacturers but they haven't answered yet. It can be confused due the Alto Sax MOUTHPIECES have the same facing numbers and there is nothing on the mouthpiece but a number.
Does an alto sax mouthpiece fits easy on a Tenor Sax? How can I be sure that I got a Tenor Mouthpiece and not an Alto mouthpiece?. I will appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.

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Jun 23, 2011
Metal mouthpieces are thinner
by: Malcolm Lappin

Ebonite and metal mouthpieces are very different. Comparing, for example, Otto Link mouthpieces: the black ebonite ones are fat, and the metal ones are thin. You need different ligatures because of the difference in size. When you are a beginner, it is best to find a mouthpiece set up that is easy to blow, then forget about it. Just worry about learning the instrument. Otherwise you waste too much time trying out new reeds, new mouthpieces, and new ligature. The thing to remember is that if a beginner-saxophonist and Joe Lovano swapped ligatures, only one of them would sound like Joe Lovano, and it would not be the beginner. Good luck, practice every day, and read Paul Harvey's book "Saxophone".

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