M. J. H. Kessels saxophone, 1900

by Tomislav Mari?

M. J. H. Kessels saxophone, 1900

M. J. H. Kessels saxophone, 1900

M. J. H. Kessels saxophone, 1900
M. J. H. Kessels saxophone, 1900

I have had an M. J. H. Kessels sax that is dated 1900.
On sax is written:
anivers medailles d'or bruxelles
paris 1900
londres amsterdam
fournisseur de l'armee
et des concervatioires

This sax must be a musuem piece, but i dont know his real worth. Can anyone help me and tell me some information about it?

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Jun 21, 2012
Kessels saxophone, 1900
by: Eveline Passier

Kessels was a factory build in 1896 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. My greatgrandfather and grandfather worked there. Kessels made brassinstruments, woodwindinstruments, percussion, piano's and so on. He and his brother were wellknown composers. Kessels brothers were conductor of their orchestra and Mathieu Kessels was finder of Music School of Tilburg. They won very many prices in Europe. The price was on the instruments. Mathieu Kessels died in 1932 and his sons continued the factory. But they arguing and the factory stopped in 1939. One of his sons continued in brassinstruments, the other son was manager of publishing company. In 1956 the factory was demolished. My grandfather started a factory of his own and my father continued. In 1986 he started a museum in the backyard of his musicshop. My father died in 2001 and I continued the museum. After a large burglary of hundred brass instruments it was very different to continue. But now we have a small part of the museum filled up with musical instruments.
I hope I could give you some information.
Kind regards,
Eveline Passier
Erfgoed Depot Riel

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