Leblanc Saxophone - Vito and Yanagisawa saxophones

Leblanc saxophone makes the brand names Vito and Yanagisawa. Among saxophone enthusiasts, Yanagisawa is considered to be one of the "big four" of saxophone brands that are the very best. People who own a Yanagisawa often affectionately call it a "Yani." These fine instruments are made in Japan by a company that has made musical instruments since 1893.

In addition to the fine Yanagisawa saxophones, Leblanc also manufactures and market the brand Vito. A Vito saxophone is a great choice of instrument for a beginner, being made with high standards. Vito saxophones are  mechanically made right, making for a more enjoyable experience when going through that tough season of getting familiar with saxophone playing.

Yanis made by Leblanc Saxophone are available in several series, including a silver series and a bronze series. They are not cheap, but they are among the finest available. 

Leblanc saxophone - Vito Alto V7131RKLeblanc Vito V7131RK Alto Saxophone

Yanagisawa makes a sopranino saxophone, alto saxes, tenor saxes, and baritone saxophones. As an example of the price range, the A901 alto saxophone from Yanagisawa retails for over $4000. The 991 model is much more expensive, but according to some enthusiasts, is not enough better to make it worth the extra expense to get this member of the Leblanc instrument line.

Leblanc Saxophone - Yanagisawa 901 Artist AltoLeblanc Yanagisawa 901 Artist Alto Saxophone

Yanagisawa makes a Silver Series, which are made of silver, so they are not cheap. Some saxophonists swear by the silver Leblanc saxophone, saying that the costly metal improves the brightness of the sound enough to make the extra expense warranted. Many other sax players, however, are happy to play the less expensive horns, and say they have never found the benefits of the silver sax to be worth the extra money.

A Leblanc is an investment in the future, because these fine instruments should make learning and practicing the sax easier for the student, and more enjoyable for the professional. A good quality instrument will render music making much more fun.

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