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Has learning saxophone always been a dream of yours? Making that dream come true is a very real possibility, but it will take dedication and effort on your part. Learning to play any musical instrument well requires a commitment to a practice schedule and being patient with yourself when the next skill you need to learn is a challenge for you.

Once you buy a saxophone, the next step is to figure out where and how you are going to find instruction. This can be as simple ashiring a local high school student to give you a weekly lesson for a minimal fee. A high school student will probably have been playing the sax for six years or more, making them knowledgeable, if not an expert.

Another method for learning to play the saxophone is to buy a series of lessons on video, DVD, or CD. Virtually any musical instrument can be self taught with the help of recorded lessons. If you choose this route, it would still be helpful to occasionally get with someone who knows how to play and ask them questions that may arise. Have them advise you on your playing style periodically.

Make sure you take the time to learn all about reading music while you are learning saxophone. It's possible to become a great musician just by ear, but for best results, it's good to learn to read music, and even to get familiar with the basics of music theory.

Be sure to stick to a practice routine faithfully. Learning requires you to pay attention to such details as intonation, phrasing, and expressiveness, especially if you are learning so that you can play jazz music. Classical playing requires a similar attention to accuracy and style, with much disciplined practice of scales. Practice carefully and soon you will be having lots of fun playing the saxophone.

Go here to learn how to play the saxophone. These lessons are suitable for both beginner and intermediate players.

Further reading on how to play saxophone.

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