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Most people want to learn to play saxophone in order to play jazz music. While the sax is used in other types of music, such as classical and other pop styles, it is in jazz that it truly reaches its potential. The instrument lends itself to the expressive playing and lively improvisation that jazz is noted for.

The internet has made learning easy, even if you left your school band days many years ago. By doing a web search of saxophone lessons, you can find full series of beginner and intermediate lessons available as free downloads in PDF format. Of course, you will have to learn the basics, such as how to put the instrument together and how to blow into the mouthpiece before you begin to teach yourself the sax.

If you are trying to learn to play saxophone on your own, it would probably be a good idea to find at least an intermediate high school player in your neighborhood who could advise you from time to time. This could keep you from practicing something wrong until you have a bad sax playing habit that is hard to break.

Learning to read music is an important aspect when learning to play the saxophone. Of course, you could just learn to play by ear, but knowing how to read music really opens up the opportunities for you. Lessons in reading music are also available from many websites free of charge.

Some say it is easier to learn to play saxophone than it is to play many other instruments. The soprano saxophone, while it is small and easy to handle, is reported to be one of the more difficult of the saxes to learn. This is because of the small mouthpiece. The alto is usually recommended as the best model to learn on, but the tenor also works well for older students.

Go here to learn how to play the saxophone. These lessons are suitable for both beginner and intermediate players.

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