The Keilwerth Saxophone Is Among The "Big Four" Best Saxophone Brands

keilwerth saxophone is considered to be one of the best brands available. Professional saxophonists refer to the top manufacturers of saxophones as the "big four" and Julius Keilwerth is one of the brands in this exclusive list.

These fine musical instruments are manufactured in Germany.

If you purchase a Keilwerth after you have learned to play the sax on a different brand, you might immediately notice some subtle (or not so subtle) differences. For one thing, the flare of the bell on a Keilwerth is a little larger than that on other brands. This gives the horn a big sound and a little larger feel.

The "action," or how the notes feel in response to the player's hands, feels a little different because of this "bigness." Some players are put off by this feature, but others get used to it and prefer a Keilwerth saxophone over any other brand because of the special "big" sound.

Keilwerth makes student and professional saxophones. Their student line is made in Taiwan by the people who make Jupiter saxophones, but they are manufactured according to Keilwerth's standards. Their lowest price saxophone is called the "Evette." It comes in a hard case that features back pack straps. Mouthpiece and other necessities are also included with this saxophone, which comes with a two year guarantee.

For a little more money, the novice sax player can buy a Series 4. The "ST 90" is considered to be a very good quality student horn. The "EX 90" saxes are a more professional line, but the cost is kept down on these German made instruments. The EX 90 can be purchased in standard gold lacquer or in black nickel with gold keys. The black nickel model is a stunningly beautiful instrument.

Keilwerth Saxophone - SX90RKeilwerth SX90R Alto Saxophone

The SX 90 series is another step up in quality. In addition to the lacquer colors available with the previous series, they can also be purchased in nickel plated with gold lacquer, which is a good looking step up in durability. Other options are black nickel plated, nickel silver with gold keys, and the "Shadow." The gorgeous "Shadow" Keilwerth saxophone is made with a nickel silver, black plated body with silver plating on the keywork. The mother of pearl buttons are black and the horn is engraved artistically on the body and neck as well as the bell.

Go here for a Keilwerth of your choice.

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