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When shopping for saxes, Jupiter saxophones are sure to be one of the brands you will run into. So just how reliable are instruments from the Jupiter company? Are they suitable for beginners or do they also make models for the semi-pro or professional saxophonist? This Taiwanese company opened it's doors back in 1930. However, unlike the infamous Chinese and Indian cheap saxes on the market today, Jupiters are generally regarded as reliable.

Jupiter musical instruments did not arrive on the scene until the 1950's, however. The company originally had a mission of "contributing to schools and culture." By the 50's, it was evident that band instruction in schools was going to be an important wave in the future of education, so the company began producing instruments.

Jupiter saxophones, therefore, are the result of this mission to create educational and culturally relevant products. The company also makes percussion mallets and instruments and other wind instruments, including Altus flutes. Since 1990, they have maintained a large plant in Austin, TX. It is here that the saxophones are inspected before being placed in the hands of American saxophone players.

Jupiter saxophone 869SG

Jupiter saxes are reported to be made from the best materials available from around the world. An effort is made to keep the cost down while providing quality, so that families of school children can afford these beginner saxes and other instruments. The company was also given a prestigious award for quality manufacturing.

The saxophones come in several lines, one of which is a line of student models, and another of which is called their "deluxe/artist" saxophones. Jupiter makes soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones in each line. Their artist horns particularly have a very good reputation, and their student horns are considered to be good, too. While Jupiter is not one of the very top professional brands of saxophone, most players consider them to be a good intermediate horn.

Learn about the best Jupiter alto saxophone models here.

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