The Jupiter Alto Saxophone - A Good Choice

For a beginning saxophonist, a Jupiter alto saxophone is one of the best student saxes you can buy. The same people who make the Buffet and the Keilwerth ST series saxes make this brand, too. The Jupiter 565 is a basic student saxophone available in the UK. In the US, look for the 767GL model. The 767GL is actually rated as an intermediate sax, with a list price of almost $1500. Chances are, if you shop around, you should be able to find a new one for under $1000.

The 767GL Jupiter is suitable for high school players, and will be enjoyed throughout the students school days. It includes a high F-sharp key, as well as a B-flat spatula key. If the sax is not as easy to play as you'd like, or doesn't sound good to you, an easy modification to make is to buy a better mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece that is standard with this saxophone has a small tip opening and is reported to make a thin sound. A good mouthpiece with a larger opening will help this saxophone make a full, rich sound. An example is a Meyer 6 medium, a mouthpiece that can cost around $100. While this may seem like a large sum of money for a small item, a good mouthpiece will really make a difference in playability and in sound. Vandoren reeds are also recommended.

Another Jupiter alto saxophone is the 869SG Artist. This saxophone retails for under $2000, but some saxophonists like it as much as the higher priced professional level alto saxes from companies like Yamaha or Selmer. It is heavier than some other comparable saxophones, which is good to know if you are looking for an alto saxophone to use in a marching band. It, too, is improved with the investment of a better mouthpiece.

Jupiter alto saxophone - 767GL Eb

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