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I have been trained in classical B-flat clarinet, and have been playing for 14 years. I would like to step it up and make the jump to saxophone. Do you have any tips to learning how to play jazz saxophone such as theory books. I have already messed around on my sax and the fingerings are similar so getting used to the fingerings shouldn't be too much of a problem. The mouth piece is a lot different though. If you have any advice for beginning to play jazz and improvising let me know. Thanks.

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Aug 10, 2009
Jazz Master player Teacher -Murray Middleman
by: Anonymous

Get with a well know establish Jazz musician . Pay them to help you understand Chords , Scales , Motifs , 12 Bar Blues , Creating Melodic Motifs , ... Learn Chords on the piano , in simple Block Style . Major/Minor/ Dimished , Half Dimished ,Augmented ,
Learn 7th Chords, including diminant 7th's major/ minor /Diminished /Augmented /
learn altered chords, ex. C 7 #9-b5 . Learn to create 2 and 4 bar ideas (motifs , over the chord patterns to standard songs such as Autumn Leaves , All the Things You are , ect.
Working on be-bop style patterns ,as played by Charlie Parker , Lester Young , and many others , play with driving rhythm with correct Jazz phrasings , swing 8th's .And start listening to all of Jazz's greatest Players ,Coltrane -Getz,Oscar Petterson , Dizzy, Mike Breaker ,Louis Armstrong , Milt Jackson, Clifford Brown , Miles , Cannoball Adderly , Paul Desmong . By listening ,you can learn the Jazz language .. Practice sight reading Jazz etudes , and if possible , play with a Community college Jazz band , reading charts , and taking solos. . Learn the most famous Jazz Heads (Melodies) and memorize the chord structures , When you have accomplished more than 50% of what i am telling you , then you will be ready , to go to a "Jam Section , at a local club , where musicians are invited to "sit in " with the band
For internet lessons on skype, contact me Murray Middleman .. 626-818-2251 gvt_mm@sbcglobal.net , See my web site at www.murraymiddleman.com

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