is cecilio a good saxophone brand

i was wondering if cecilio was a good brand becouse i was thinking of buying one?

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Nov 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

Get a P.Marriot or a Yamaha ,These are cheap Saxes nade in China

Nov 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

I am 99% sure this is for a begginer student or amateur player . I am 99% sure these saxes are made in China .
By the way , A great pro player can make a cheap horn sound very good .
Put remember , you get what to pay for .
I reccomend a Yamaha model 23 or if you can , get a P.Mauriott sax . They are from Taiwan , and are terrific saxophones , for the money . M J Middleman

Aug 11, 2010
Cecilio Saxes arent that bad...
by: Robert

I have a Cecilio AS-280 (Cecilio 2Series Alto) and I payed about 500 dollars for it on eBay.. The saxophones are made in china, but they are a good quality for where they are made from. Suprisingly, there are no intonation issues, the saxophones are repairable, (from experience) and they are not bad if you are looking for a good-quality sax for a low price! I hope you find what you want!!!

Oct 31, 2010
by: joeyveeeee

Get a Cannonball skeptyr or alcazar or if you want used get a Cannonball Excallibur, used for about 600. on Ebay good intermediate horn.

Nov 11, 2011
Ceclio is a TERRIBLE brand
by: Anonymous

Don't ever get this brand of ANY instrument.

These instruments are manufactured poorly and have cheap and poor qualities, which is nothing that you want if you are actually spending money on a saxophone.

I recommend Yamaha and Selmer.

Best of Luck!

Jan 31, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have a Cecilio Tenor Sax. It sucks, intonation problems all the time!!! Do not recommend!!!

May 14, 2012
is cecilio a good saxophone brand
by: Dominic

I have been playing sax, clarinet and flute since 1951.
I have been repairing instruments since 1978.
My last major concert was for a host of pretty impressive guests, including former President Bill Clinton.
When he was in Boston with Senator John Kerry for a fund-raising event for Senator Ted Kennedy.

I played in the 22-piece John Payne Saxophone Choir at the Park Plaza Castle.

Security was so tight,
the Secret Service did background checks on each musician and we had to leave our instruments at
the door to be searched by White House staff.

I own a music store and we had the factory send us one to evaluate and we decided never to carry them because the keys bend too easily and we did not want to have constant customer complaints.

for more info


Dominic S. Cucinotti
SUITE # 710
SALEM, MA 01970

web site:


Apr 08, 2013
by: R. Nees

I have contacted several different music stores and they do not work on them. Can not get parts for these instruments.

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