I need a new Tenor Mouthpiece

by Josh

Hey everyone,

I need a new Tenor sax mouthpiece. Sadly I dropped my much loved Berg Larsen on the ground and it chipped and cracked. I am very distraught and upset, however I now have the opportunity to get a metal mouthpiece as I have always wanted. I play mostly Jazz music and nothing much besides that. I really want a mouthpiece with a good warm tone, not really bright but not to dark. I also don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. I was considering either an Otto Link or a metal Berg. I was also wondering what all the numbers and letters meant when reffering to the different models. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I always love learning things from people who know a lot more than I do. Thanks for all your help!
-Josh B.

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Sep 21, 2009
Hi frm MJ- Happy to help.
by: Anonymous

Hi Josh ,
I have a brand new Charles ..bay Hard Rubber , that plays excellently . It is strong and centered and plays great . i bought it from Mr. Charles Bay ,last May ,at the Hollywood Musician union , Saxophone show . It would be $150,plus shipping .
i have a nice Brilhardt ebolin ((White -Ivory ) mouthpiece from 1949 . very strong tone ,and also dark enough ,to play great classic jazz. .that one would be $200,plus shipping ..
i will give you 7 days to try it out .
I also have a 2 metal Berg Larsen Mouth pieces
.They are 120 /1 and 120 over /2 sms.They would be $150, plus shipping .
If you are interested , call me at
626-818-2251 .
e-mail gvt_mm@sbcglobal.net Thanks Murray Middleman

Sep 21, 2009
Otto Links rock!
by: Anonymous

I bought a metal Otto Link 7* over the summer and I love it! I got it from Woodwind and Brasswind and I think it's down to $135 now. The sound is dark and open and it's really pleasant to play on, although you might have to jump down a reed strength at first.

Good luck!


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