I am wondering whether to switch saxophones in high school

by Morgan Wang
(Shanghai, China)

I have a good-ol' alto saxophone that's the exact same age as me. Thirteen years old. It still has it's color as well. My saxophone teacher says that the sound quality is good. I am moving back to the States in one year for high school and i will DEFINITELY join band. I've always liked to play jazz music and my brother and teacher have noted that tenor saxphones are the best saxophone to use for jazz music. I am wondering whether or not to switch saxophones when I get back to the states because there will be MUCH MORE pieces of sheet music for me to get my hands on back in the States (I'm in Shanghai right now). What's your opinion?

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Nov 01, 2008
Switching saxophones
by: Bob M.


It is always good to be able to play all the different kinds of saxophones, alto, tenor, etc. as this will give you an even greater chance of success in music here. There are always groups looking for different kinds of saxophone players to fill out their section and style of music being performed. Be as versitile as possible and try to gain experience on all the saxes.
When I was in high school, I asked the band director if I could take various instruments home so that I could gain experience on them. He helped me gain the experience on the instruments and I later became a High School Band Director and professional touring musician myself. Although trumpet is my major instrument, I play several different brass and woodwinds in our shows. Get all the experience you can.
Good luck with your endeavor.
Bob M.

Dec 30, 2008
do it
by: Anonymous

i played suprano, alto, c-melody, tenor, and baritone sax throughout middle school and high school. definently do it then you'll find out witch one u like most. personally i like the bass sax

May 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

It is best to get as many instruments under your hands as possible. You may find that you eventually connect to one in particular, but any other experiences you have will improve your skills when/if you decide to settle down. Personnally, I like to tenor for its rich, powerful sound, but then again, ask an alto player and they'll say they like the sweet sounds of the alto!

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