How to Play the Saxophone

Learning how to play the saxophone is a wonderful undertaking for any musician. After the rudiments of learning how to put the instrument together, the next step is to learn to blow into the mouthpiece so that you are making the notes.

Soon on the heels of the first notes comes the study of the fingering of the notes needed for songs of all types.

When a person is learning to play the saxophone, it is essential that they take time to practice, practice, practice! Nothing improves a musician's style and skill like regular, disciplined practice. To get the most out of those practice sessions, it makes sense to break your time down into different skills.

For instance, when you know the basics, you can drill yourself on how to play the saxophone scales for a little while. Then work on technical exercises for a few minutes. If you have a few good sax practice books, you should have some of these exercises suitable for your level of expertise. Practice articulation and intonation for a while, too.

Articulation refers to the expressiveness of your playing, and how you join the notes together. It takes in the differences in staccato notes and legato notes. Staccato notes are short and distinct, while playing in a legato manner is smooth and slurred. The sax is capable of making so many different expressive sounds, you can almost make them "talk" when you practice how to play the saxophone for many years.

Intonation, on the other hand, refers to being able to play the saxophone so that the notes are exactly on pitch the way you want them. By varying your breathing and mouth movements, you can scoop and sway the notes into those great jazz improvisations that seem to literally sound like a singing voice. Wise practice will make the difference between how well or how badly you play.

Go here to learn how to play the saxophone. These lessons are suitable for both beginner and intermediate players.

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