how much practice time for 12 year old saxophone student

by waldo
(nashville,in usa)

how much time should a 12 year old spend practicing the sax?

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Nov 20, 2009
MJMi- Pro Player
by: Anonymous

Hi ,Try playing 45 minutes to an hour minimum after school. If you can play school breaks , finding a back room. . When you takr a trip on vacation, take your sax . Any time you have ,during down time,practice.
Listen to sax greats like Phil Woods ,
John Coltrane , Stan Getz ,Charlie Parker , Canonball Adderly and Paul Desmond on your Ipod. .Listen to classical saxophonists like Harvry Pitel and Paul Broady and marshall Taylor.Instead of watching TV or playing stupid nintendo games ,Play your Sax . Take care of your homework and try to get your life as organized as possible , because the older that you get , the less time you will have . So enjoy sports ,and keeping healthy , but spend the time as much as possible , learning your instrument . As long as It doesn't interfer with your family members . Go for it . Play that Sax my boy Murray Middleman
www. murray middleman .com Watch my performances at my www. murray middleman .com/ Showcase (link) See my video at
you tube Murray Middleman saxophone
gvt_mm @ sbcglobal .net

Dec 08, 2009
Practice time
by: Shadowman

Yes, I agree, practice as much as you can, but keep a well rounded life style. How good you want to be
or if you plan on a future as a sax player, will depend on how much you practice as well as what you practice! Many players only like to practice in their favorite musical key, the one that is fun and easy to play in, for them. So psend time doing that, yes, BUT practice in all keys, especially the ones that are hard for you ( especially when it come to improv ) Start slow, with scales in each key
especially the hard ones. I found that practicing on something that was difficult for me. about 20 minutes, SLOW, my speed would increase daily. You have to really concentrate on what you are playing
and soon, even within a few days, it will become more natural. When you get frustrated, put the horn down take a break, go do something else, then come back to it.
When you are practicing something new, go slow and try to remember the fingering on the keys and the sound of the note. Then when you have time
( not when you are supposed to be listening to your teacher in school ) you can visualize yourself playing the sax and visualize the fingering and the sound of the notes. You can keep doing this faster and faster in you mind and it will embed it in you mind and transfer to your playing when you actually play the horn. This works. You can do this when you are riding in a car, on a bus or waiting in line, etc.
Another tip: if you play a lot, keep your mouthpiece and sax neck cleaned out and use a fuzzy rod in the horn tube. This will help keep the horn from going out of tune.

Dec 08, 2009
Thanks !
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your insight it is much appreciated.
I like the idea of keeping a rounded life style,especially for a 12 year old. I will let my 12 year old read your comments.

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