How much is my vito curved soprano worth?

by Sal Alberico
(Niagara Falls NY)

I have a VSP vito curved soprano sax #00107797.Its a screamer,Great intonation really in tune and also has a high f# key.One repair man that I showed it to thinks it may be made by Yanigasawa.That does not matter to me because I have played a high end curved Yani and switched playing back and forth with my vito and the vito came out the winner sound wise.The only thing the yani had was more fancy engraving and a much higher price tag.If you would be kind enough to give me your opinion on this I would be very grateful.
Thank you,
Sal Alberico..

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Dec 08, 2009
?Curved Vito Soprano
by: MurrayMiddleman

Hi Sal ,
I have a Yanigazawa (Bronze 991 Straight Soprano .
I think Leblanc who makes Vito saxes,worked with Yanigazawa .. Anyway , if you say it plays better than the Yani Curved soprano ,then i trust you . I played a curved soprano in a musicstore in Shenyang(Manchuria)Northeast China . i put a# 4 clarinet reed on the stock mouthpiece , and i was ripping on that horn . I could of of and should of bought that sa it was $1600 Yuan RMB = which was about $260 Dollars U.S.. The Vito Sop horn due to the name is probably worth less, maybe $700-to $800 tops
Where the Yani name makes that sax worth a little more to a pro , as they have a great reputation espaecially for their sopranos and Baritone saxes . best of luck Murray www.murray middleman .com or gvt_ mm @sbcglobal .net

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