how do I make my soprano saxophone sharper?

Hi, I have recently purchased a soprano sax, and it is really out of tune all the time. its so out of tune, that when I play a C on it, it comes out as a B. I have already tried shaving some of the cork off at the top to allow the mouthpiece to go down farther, but its still really flat. I would appreciate any other tips on how I can solve my situation. Thanks

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May 21, 2012
Out of Tune?
by: Orlando better check that all the pads are closing properly.

Aug 18, 2012
sopranos and tuning isues
by: Anonymous

my inglish is bad first of all you most play in tune your self if not you will newer get a true picture of the horns tuning it is alabout you play in 440hz on the moutpiec

May 23, 2013
Why? Repairs can save ya headachs
by: S Perry

This is about the 5th time I have read the different questions on sax's that squeek, have problems with pitch etc,.. guys listen upall sax need to be adjusted some times. May need new pads, may be the reeds you use. They could need straightening or adjusting. These are things that only a true sax repair tech would know about. I suggest you bring it in to a shop after looking for one online and have a pro evaluate your instrument. They may save you many headaches as well as money when it cold be as simple as the pads needed to be replaced so theres no leaks. They will quote you a price if repairs need to be done and give you advice on things like a possible upgrade to defer the money if it would take more time then would be cost effective to repair. It is not hard thing to carry in. I love mine and have had it for 35 years, when you make great music whats a few bucks ever couple years? Best of luck!

Dec 07, 2016
Transposing instrument NEW
by: MusDoc

Hopefully, the person posting this question realizes that the soprano is a transposing instrument. If you are using a tuner, remember that when you finger "c" you are actually playing a concert Bb, and that is the pitch that appears on the tuner.

Mouthpiece and reed choices will also effect intonation as will proper breath support and pressure of the embrochure.

Finally, if you have purchased a well known brand of instrument, only in rare cases will it be the instrument's fault, most likely it is the player.
If none of these apply to you return the instrument to where you purchased it and try another instrument , bringing a tuner and also a musician (reed player) whose opinion you trust to give you feedback.

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