high pitch squeak - saxophone

by andy

I have started playing with a couple of new mouthpieces and find that on occassion I get squeaks in the higher ranges - I have played for a while and never had this problem before - any ideas?

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Jun 02, 2010
Saxophone squeak problem
by: madi

Well first of all, if you are switching back and forth from different mouthpieces, you are bound to have squeaks and honks and all sorts of unpleasant sounds. I have two alto saxophones with different mouthpieces and have this same problem sometimes. When you switch mouthpieces, your embouchure has to adjust specifically to each mouthpiece. You have to play for a while on each mouthpiece to work out the squeaks and get a comfortable embouchure position.

A playing tip for high notes is to work your way up to them instead of going right into it. From my own experience when playing music that doesn't work its way up to high notes, I find that tightening my embouchure helps me hit high notes.

If the reed is brand new, don't be surprised if there are squeaks. When the reed is broken in, it will sound much better. I would also try a softer reed.

Hope this helps!! :)

Sep 24, 2010
High Notes
by: Anonymous

Hi... i just want to know how to play notes out of my alto sax's range. I dont have a high F# key and was wondering how do experts achieve those very very high notes using harmonics

Nov 13, 2010
saxophone squeaks
by: adrianna

Well first of all I am kind of good but I'm in the 5th grade and my concert in on December 8th and I kind of have a squeak. I do what my teacher tells me to do and when I am near her I sound great, but when i am at home i suck. My worse problem is when i try to make my Gs come out perfect. ohh no!! what do i do?!?! i also love this web because it helped me solve all my problems.


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