Gerald Albright alto mouthpiece?

by Shadowman

On a You Tube post, Albright said he used a Studio 100 C
mouthpiece. But looking at the video, he is using a Brilhart White Diamond hard rubber. Any info on what he means about the Studio 100 C ? I dont see anything listed on the Brilhart site like that.

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Dec 19, 2009
MJM- Pro Player Teacher
by: Murray Middleman

I do not know for certain . Gerald is a great player and would sound great on a students mouthpiece . Sax player ,me included are always trying Mouthpieces and reeds . Sonner or late we need to stop it and get something that works and start practicing something . Other wise we are wasting are lives and just getting old . Good Luck Murray . I can do a conferencing lesson on my computer to your's if you need a pro teacher with 35 years experience teaching
many Thanks ,Happy Holiday , Murray Middleman
e-mail gvt _ MM@
web site www ,murray middleman .com
cell 626-818-2251
Playing with members of the Conan O'Brien Tonight Show Band tommorow in L.A.

Dec 19, 2009
by: Shadowman

I have one mouthpiece that I have played on for over
15 yrs. I was just interested in the Beechler sound.

Dec 20, 2009
Alto mouthpiece
by: Shadowman

Actually, the reason I was askinG about Albrights piece...I play tenor, but I am going to get an alto. I liked the sound he had when he used the Selmer alto ( he plays a Cannonball now )

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