The French Saxophone

The way French saxophones work is very similar to their standard versions. With this saxophone, the sax player provides a steady stream of air that has more pressure than the air of the atmosphere. This is basically the source of power and sound for the instrument, relating mostly on the continuous stream of air rather than the vibrations it produces.

The oscillating air flow behaves very much like electricity, with the reed acting like an oscillating valve. The combined resonance of the air in the instrument and those of the reed produce the oscillating flow and pressure, which translates into sound. When the sax player applies pressure on the air flow both by using his breathing and by using the keys, the sound can be controlled and music is produced.

The energy produced by the vibrations in the saxophone comes out as sound through any open holes in the instrument. The pitch and playing frequency are determined by the resonance, which is controlled by the saxophone player by pressing the right keys in the right order.

Popularity of the French saxophone

The French sax is one of the oldest variations of the classic saxophone. An instrument that can perform well in an individual setting but also work perfectly with other complementary instruments in an orchestra, the instrument is one of the most popular choices with many European musicians. Many European saxophone schools focus on advanced lessons with this saxophone variation.

Individual performances with this saxophone are frequent, but it seems its best role is played in an orchestra. The French sax offers both the player and his or her audience an unforgettable experience and a distinct and unique sound.

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