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In many cases, students starting out with learning a new instrument are given the same sheet music over and over again by their teachers, for practice. Most of the songs that they have to perform as a means of training are classical ones or songs that are essential to know for that particular instrument. Although this may prove to be good practice at first, many students lose the initial enthusiasm when confronted with the same sheet music over and over again.

For jazz saxophone players, getting new sheet music is difficult enough, especially if you don’t know where to look for it. The Internet offers the solution to this problem and contrary to popular belief, it’s not very (or at all) costly; there’s plenty of free jazz saxophone sheet music out there that you can download directly to your PC, print out and play.

One of the most interesting web sites to offer free jazz saxophone sheet music is Actually, the site is not aimed specifically at jazz, but offers free sheet music for almost all instruments. Besides getting the sheet music in PDF format, you can also listen to a short segment of a particular piece and they are rated accordingly to their difficulty: easy, intermediate or advanced. Some of the sheet music can be downloaded directly from the site, without any further complications, while for others, you need to subscribe in order to be allowed access. Considering the usefulness of the sheet music you can get from there, it’s worth the 5 minutes or so it takes you to subscribe.

This, of course, is only an example of what you can find on the Internet. There are plenty of sites out there offering similar services or even individual users posting their sheet music online in order to help fellow players. Other sites will require a small fee for their services, so if you can’t find any satisfactory free sheet music you might want to try them out.

Saxophone Sheet Music

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