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There’s a saying amongst musicians that states that the “saxophone is the easiest instrument to be played badly”.

This means that it’s quite easy to make a fool out of yourself while playing your sax, while with other instruments you might be able to improvise and pull it off unnoticeably. 

In order to play your saxophone without flaws, you will need huge amounts of practice and if you are part of a jazz band, the practice will become even harder. At one point in that long, continuous practice, you will run out of sheet music and pieces to play and you will want to get your hands on some new free jazz music saxophone sheet to take your performance and repertoire one step further.

How to find free jazz saxophone music sheets

Getting free music sheets is not the easiest of jobs, especially if you don’t know where to look for them. Oftentimes you will be able to get them from fellow colleagues or your teachers, if you are studying at a music school. If you’ve started up practicing on your own, things might be a little tricky, since you probably won’t know anyone in the position to give or lend you such free jazz music saxophone sheets. At that point, there are two viable options you can choose from: surf the Internet for some free jazz saxophone music sheets or browse the local library for a book containing a compilation of such sheets.

Of course, some of the sheets you will find on the Internet will be free (while other sites offer the possibility to pay a small fee to get them) but getting the book from the bookstore or ordering it from the publisher will cost a few extra bucks. But as you can imagine, these books are not really made for the general public, thus they are not best-sellers or anything similar, so their prices will be accordingly fair. There’s also a chance that your local library contains such a book where you can get the free sheets.

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