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The alto saxophone is one of the most frequently used members of the sax family, especially in jazz, however it’s oftentimes hard for learning students to get new, free alto saxophone jazz sheet music. What you get in class is in many cases too little and after dozens of hour of practice upon the same music sheet, it gets extremely boring and unproductive. So here’s what to do in order to get free sheet music to practice from.

There are 3 main sources: individuals, the Internet and libraries.

Getting Sheet music from Individuals

Let’s start with the first since it’s the obvious choice of anyone in need of free alto saxophone jazz sheet music. Ask everyone you know, colleagues, teachers, fellow players or someone else sharing the passion of playing the alto sax, for some sheet music you can borrow. Asking your teachers should be the most productive, but if you are studying on your own and not in a musical school, this will be a little tricky. However, most teachers feel joyful when seeing someone interested in learning more of what they teach, so even if you don’t personally know them or even if you are not their student, they will probably answer your petition for some free alto saxophone jazz sheet music and give you something to practice upon.

The Internet is also a great way to get some free alto saxophone jazz sheet music. There are various sites offering this kind of services, on some you will be able to download the sheet music in electronic format, with the possibility to print it out. Others will require you to perform a “small favor” for the sites by either subscribing to their newsletter or checking out some of their promotions on the site. In any case, it’s free and it shouldn’t be too much of a bother (watch out what you get though, only download files in document formats such as .pdf, .doc or .txt since executable files such as “free_alto_saxophone_jazz_sheet_music.exe” for example, could contain viruses).

Last but not least, if both of the above methods failed (or if you depleted them of new sheet music for yourself) you can try checking out your local library. There are many books offering compilations of alto saxophone jazz sheet music and getting them from the library (borrowing them of course) is free.

Hopefully, these three methods will fulfill your need. Go here for free alto saxophone jazz sheet music. Happy practicing!

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