F# key - Saxophone

by Kirk

Is it better to buy an alto saxophone with or without the F# key?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having it?

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Nov 04, 2009
F# Key
by: Cosmo, NC, USA

Not many horns offer that key. Selmer is one. If you are that good Theoretically, It would be a blessing to have the F#/G flat.

Mar 08, 2010
F# key
by: Anonymous

The F# key provides you with more options for alternate fingerings. It's especially helpful when you start expanding into the altissimo register (notes above the high F).

May 27, 2010
not needed
by: Anonymous

I think that it does have a great novelty value to it but the horn then cost more and if your good enough to go that high your probably good enough to learn the altissimo fingering

Nov 11, 2011
F# key
by: Anonymous

Ok so, my thoughts on the F# key.

I would say this, if this is going to be her horn (if she goes into college) get a decent horn a yamaha EX or Z(if she has small hands like me) or a selmer series II or whatever. But, if this is just a beginner horn rent one.
The F# key doesn't matter in the slightest. Those horns all have one, but my saxophone professors mark VI alto does not have an F# key.

So, make your decision based on tone quality and responsiveness of the keys not the F#

May 14, 2012
F# key - Saxophone
by: Dominic

I have been playing sax, clarinet and flute since 1951.
I have been repairing instruments since 1978.
My last major concert was for a host of pretty impressive guests, including former President Bill Clinton.
When he was in Boston with Senator John Kerry for a fund-raising event for Senator Ted Kennedy.

I played in the 22-piece John Payne Saxophone Choir at the Park Plaza Castle.

Security was so tight,
the Secret Service did background checks on each musician and we had to leave our instruments at
the door to be searched by White House staff.

My opinion is that it is much better to have the high f# key because it adds to the range and makes the high notes easier to play.
for more info


Dominic S. Cucinotti
SUITE # 710
SALEM, MA 01970

web site: www.dominicsmusic.com


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