European saxophone music and schools

The style of the European saxophone is a little different than the general guidelines used for saxophone music. The European approach focuses more on the orchestra type role of a saxophone, as compared to the American way of seeing saxophone music. The appearance of the instrument in an orchestra setting is very common in many European countries.

Of course, many believe that saxophone music from Europe takes away some of the importance given to this instrument, as it is just one of the numerous instrument types on stage. Individual saxophone music is, however, also appreciated in the European music world, while still being some distance away it has in the American culture.

European Schools

There are several great schools where you can practice and sharpen your saxophone skills. The European University of Saxophone in Gap (France) is one of the most popular ones, as in France the saxophone is regarded as one of the most popular instruments. The European Saxophone University of San Juán (Alicante) also offers students the chance to learn with some of the best saxophone masters.

Learning the subtleties and finesses of the European sax takes time and dedication. Although many self-trained saxophonists do manage to achieve some success, formal education in this direction can go a long way. For many, the rigors and strictness of a school such as the European Saxophone University in Gap may be the incentive needed to pursue a music career.

Popularity of the French saxophone

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