Discouraged Learner (Saxophone)

by Jay
(Bagram, Afghanistan)

I am a Soldier in the United States Army deployed to Afghanistan. It has always been a dream of mine to learn to play the saxaphone. I recently proposed to my fiancee and we plan on getting married upon my return in late 2013. I wanted to surprise her by playing something with a tune during the reception ceremony. I am 36 years old and before I bought a sax, I looked at many websites and got pleant of encouragement to go forward. (You are never too old to play). But now I am a bit discouraged because I have made strides on my own, but I don't know if I am creating bad habits or just making a mess. There are other Alto sax players here, but when I asked for lessons they pushed me away which further discouraged me to persue this dream. I am determined to learn, but is there anything I can utilize to ensure I am going about this the right way? Thanks in advance for your support. V/R

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Dec 31, 2012
Discouraged Learner
by: Mike Krechevsky

I would suggest two things at the early stage. First: I believe tone is key. With that in mind I would suggest purchasing a battery operated tuner and practice long tones everyday. Aim at nailing the note in tune and holding it.

Second, are you more of a visual learner or acoustic learner. I was trained classically as a child and while became proficient reading music was difficult for me. After not playing for 20 years; I began playing by ear about 22 years ago. As a result I became much more proficient. About 2 years ago I started taking private lessons and was surprised at how easily I could sight read.
Everybody has an opinion (especially musicians!) but find out what works for YOU, and practice practice, practice.

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