Different serial #'s on Saxophone Neck/Body

by Milagro

My late husband was a life long Tenor player who went to school with Eddie Harris,johnny Griffin,etc..
He was a musical Director for Sam Cooke till the time of passing & worked very closely with Gatemouth since the 40's & also Music Dir.
Ok,here's the situation...
I want to sell his horn,since I need the money(Said I'd never sell!!) and he's been gone almost 10years..

Is there a problem if the serial #'s don't match?It played perfectly fine till he no longer could play with no problem having the serial #'s mismatched..
How much less should I consider taking because of this?And could a buyer find the one that match's the body?
Body has serial #M131089 The neck has no M" but
serial # 131065... It's a Selmer Tenor Mark VI..

I need a pro to guide me in the right direction so I can get the max amount for it..
It does need a 'tuning,recorking,etc..I'm sure by now..
Please help!!!!
I can submit pics,if needed..

How much is it worth??(Min.& Max)

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Mar 13, 2012
Source of info on your MVI
by: zootspiker

Sax On the Web is a very informative site and there are a lot of profesional players and technicians from around the world who can give you honest information. Here's a link to the site


depending on the condition I have seen these horns go from a low of $3,000 to a high of $9,000 for pristine mint examples.

Mar 14, 2012
'64 Selmer Mark VI Tenor
by: Anonymous

I took it to a prestigious "sax Dr." here in Denver today that always kept it up for him..
Its in perfect cond.he said..nothing wrong.Has a fat sound & pads great..
As far as the serial #'s with the mismatched neck & body,(M131089& M131065) some people prefer to have them match,but have been told not only from him,but others as well,it DOES NOT make a difference.Alot of players have changed them to get the sound they want..
And I will state that in the sale.
Thanks for the website,I'll check it out.And writing back!

Mar 15, 2012
another source of infor/pricing
by: Anonymous

Also just to get a sense of the market you can go to Ebay under Musical Instruments and search under saxophones. Not perfect but it gives you a sense. Sounds like a great horn.

Mar 15, 2012
Different Serial #'s on Neck/Body of '65 Selmer Mark VI
by: Anonymous

Hello & Thanks for your comment..
Yes,It IS a super horn! He is the 2nd owner, having bought it in the late '60's-70's..
It had been re-lacquered,but I do know for a fact it hadn't since we were married & that was in '83. Fortunately, I knew everything he did with it.
Another thing that happened b4 marrying,and I honestly do not have a answer is,why the neck & body have 2 different serial #'s.
They are both Selmers & only #'s apart.(131O65-089,I have to look again)
I was told that when they were shipped to Elkhart,In.,sometimes THEY switched the necks to give a different tone.
This one has a FAT sound,pretty new "parabolic resinators"silicone treated,leather pads.
He ALWAYS kept it up since he was a active Professional player.
I am asking,$5900.00 with the Selmer Red Flight Case..
The sax Dr.I had spoke of,owns a quality 5 digit Selmer & quoted as saying,"Its as good as his"!
I am in Denver if you know anyone whose interested.

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