Considering a limmited budget, which is a saxophone brand to search for exceptional sound?

by Pablo J
(Richmond Hill, Canada)

Leaving the vintage and used apart, since you run the risk to spend any way for leaks repairs, wear or adjusting the action.....(or buying a Lemon)
For a brand new, excellent sound quality and durable action, which is the brand to search...for a limmited budget?
Note: Not everyone can spend 3500, not even 2000 in a prohorn....but there are many upsurging models and brands...
Any sujestion?

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Aug 21, 2012
limited budget horns
by: Anonymous

When i shopped student horns for my son I looked at Yamaha; Bundy and Conn. None of these are set up all that well out of the box so I just kept testing until I ended up with a Conn that was okay fro a 5th graders purpose. $600 new these are redily available used on EBAY and Craigs List used for around $300.

Higher quality but budget sensitive I'd look at the Taiwan horns: Paul Mauriat, Phil Barone come to mind. For now I'd stay away from the Chinese horns. They are not ready for daytime let alone prime time. You can also get some guidance at

Dec 04, 2012
Good cheap horns
by: Anonymous

Check out the Bauhaus Walstein. I have a tenor, bronze body, costs about 900 and they have upgraded ones for more. It has been highly recommended.

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