The Conn Tenor Saxophone

For school band members, a Conn tenor saxophone just makes sense. The brand, sometimes called C.G. Conn, recently released a new tenor sax to its collection of instruments. The new model is called the Conn 34M or 34M-HF. The new horn is designed to recreate the sound of the old vintage saxophones that Conn made back in the early part of the 20th century.

In addition to the same rich sound, the new Conn tenor has been redesigned thoroughly for better durability. The keywork has been redesigned, too. The horn has a range to high F and keys plated with hard nickel. It comes with a hard shell case and a full warranty.

Another modern Conn tenor saxophone is the Director 37M. This model retails for just under $2000, and is considered a student model. It has a lacquered body, brass keys and a high F-sharp key. It also comes with a hard shell case. This saxophone is reported to offer balance in sound and good projection. It is also reported to offer tremendous response.

Conn Tenor SaxophoneCG Conn Student Model 37M Tenor Saxophone

The C.G. Conn Company has been making musical instruments for over 120 years. They have produced many firsts, such as the first American made saxophones, and even the first Sousaphone, designed by the great American composer, John Philip Sousa. Conn was known for producing a wide variety of unusual instruments, such as the largest horn ever (the "Immensaphone" in 1907), and the largest drum.

Conn instruments, including the tenor saxophone, are now mainstays in every school band program. Since the tenor sax is a rather expensive instrument, in many places students can rent one from the school so that their parents don't have to buy one. This way the student gets a chance to try it out and see if it is something they will want to play for a long time.

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