cheap saxophone from ebay

by Brodie
(Melbourne, Australia)

I want to buy a cheap saxaphone for my boyfriend for his birthday. But I don't want to spend too much more than $250. I saw some on ebay but they look a bit dodgy- they don't have a brand. He has never played the sax before so it would be a beginner instrument. What are your thoughts? Here's the link to the ebay site. thanks a million!

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Oct 20, 2012
Used Saxophone. Cheap!
by: Anonymous

My dear lady, please, whatever you do, DO NOT go into this blindfolded. You could get ripped off very easily. Remember, ebay is a wide open market. There's alot to know about buying Saxophones, new or used. There are some good websites regarding the subject. This being one of them. has a really good buyer's guide. Sax on the web is forum-based and is also very informative. There are others. My guess is that you are probably wanting to do this for Christmas. But with the extensive research that you'll need to do, you won't be ready by next Christmas. The best thing to do in this case, especially if you're in a hurry, is to find a horn player to shop with you who knows EXACTLY what they're doing. You're probably not going to find anything great in the $250 price range, but you can actually do quite well in the $450 price range, if you do it right.

Sep 25, 2012
cheap sax
by: Anonymous

agree 100% with Kieth. There are also reliable (Yamaha, Bundy, Conn) student horns on Craigs List used for around 300. They list at 1,000; on sale for 600; and used in good shape for 300. Typically it's a first horn for a middle school or high school kid and either they upgrade or lose interest.

Sep 24, 2012
Cheap saxophone from ebay
by: Anonymous

I understand you want to save money, but you can wind up spending a lot more in the long run on repairs (and that`s only if you can find someone who will repair the instrument), and other problems that may occur. In other words, get a named instrument such as a Yamaha. There are other good student line instruments you can get used at a reasonable price, and Yamaha is a trusted name. Talk to your local music store, school band director, or any other music professional to assist you.

Keith Gamble, Saxophonist

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