Cecilio Saxophones - Quality Saxophone For Someone On A Budget

Cecilio Saxophones are affordable and of good quality.

When choosing to buy a new saxophone, there are many factors that come into play and each of them can balance out this decision. The saxophone’s quality will undoubtedly be of utmost importance, but then again so will the price. Most saxophone players start practicing these instruments at a young age, where they can’t afford to buy one themselves and sometimes, the parents don’t want to spend $700 on what they think is just a toy their kid will lose interest in quickly. That’s where Cecilio comes into play.

Cecilio is one of the best price / quality bargains you can make today. They are one of the cheapest brands out there and unlike some similar low-end brands, they offer superior designs and durability. Whereas with other saxophones from this class of low-pricers you will soon get sticky keys, fading lacquer or simply parts falling off, Cecilio saxes won’t need a maintenance for quite some time. Of course, there’s always the case of a specific piece to be less sturdy, but usually, players buying Cecilio saxophones are happy with their decision, especially since they saved 2 or 300 dollars in the process.

Cecilio Saxophone

Although Cecilio comes in almost all of the musical family’s forms, their most popular products are the altos, sopranos and tenors. These, in turn come in various designs and engravings. For example, you can find a black nickel tenor saxophone with gold plated keys, or a combination of gold lacquer and white keys. And if these “classical” color combinations don’t suit you, you will find them coming in blue or green lacquer, having golden details, which is to some an extravagant look, others considering it kitsch.

All in all, what you need to remember about these saxophones is that they are both cheap and of reasonable quality. Sure, if you are looking for performance in the first place, you might be better off with a Yamaha or some other top-notch brand, but those will most likely cost you almost double the price of a Cecilio. You will find a wide variety of Cecilio saxophones here.

Cecilio Saxophone plus Accessories

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