Buying a new saxophone

by carson
(Hong Kong)

I come from Hong Kong.

I want to buy a new saxophone to replace the "made in China" one(with bad quality).I just passed the grade 5 ABRSM exam.

Are there any good suggestions?

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Jun 18, 2011
Buying a new saxophone
by: Anonymous

First I would suggest you buy a named brand instrument. There are several, as well as several oppinions on which is the best. Most pros prefer Selmer saxes, however, since you are a beginner there are several good brands to shoose from. Here's a list of some of the best brands;
Selmer Paris

professional calibre Alto Saxophones from
Selmer (Paris), Yanagisawa, Brancher,
Rampone & Cazzani, Keilwerth and Yamaha

Selmer (Paris) altos are centered in sonic quality and offer state-of-the art features. Serie III is the reference standard of saxophones and is unsurpassed.

Yanagisawa altos are very close in sound to Selmer Paris Serie III horns and not as edgy as Yamaha YAS-875EX horns. They are very well made and are offered in 2 levels. Remarkably, both pro (A901, A902) and enhanced pro (A991, A992) models sound alike and it's because they use the same bodies. Also offered in "Silver-Sonic" (A9930, A9933, A9935, A9937) Solid 95% Pure Silver versions
Yamaha offer 2 true professional caliber alto saxophones, the YAS-875 EX (Custom EX) and the YAS-82 Z (Custom Z). These are potent, true professional calibre saxophones and they deserve their place beside the Super Action 80 Serie II Selmer alto. Yamaha fit and finish quality is excellent.
Although there are other very worthy brands, these are the ones I'm familiar with. You may want to look at the web sites of, or woodwinds brasswinds.
Hope this helps.

Aug 25, 2011
good case from GL CASES
by: Anonymous

I know a brand " GL CASES" that's from Taiwan. The quality and design is good. You can check their website

Mar 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

Allo jaimerais savoir si un saxophone alto de Sinclair es-ce une bonne marque??

Oct 01, 2014
by: Anonymous

Translated from above... Hello I'd like to know if an alto saxophone Sinclair es it a good brand ??

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