Selmer Bundy Saxophone

Of the brands available, the Selmer Bundy saxophone is one of the most familiar of the student model saxophones. Even though student models cost much less than professional instruments, a Bundy still retails for $700. Chances are, if you’ve ever rented a sax from the school you were attending, it was probably a Bundy. The names Selmer and Bundy are also often seen on student flutes and clarinets.

This saxophone is named after George Bundy. He was an employee of Henri Selmer in 1918. (The Selmer family had purchased the original saxophone making industry from Adolphe Sax, the inventor.) Bundy was put in charge of the American wing of the industry. Elkhart, IN was becoming known as a center of musical instrument manufacturing, so Bundy moved the operation there from New York. The Bundy name became familiar on flutes and clarinets. When baby-boomers became school aged in the ‘60s and ‘70s the market for band instruments grew rapidly and the Selmer/Bundy operation was there to provide the instruments.

Some saxophonists advise getting other brands of less expensive saxophones such as a Yanagisawa or a Yamaha. They would say you will get a better horn for your money. Others, however, have been quite pleased with a Bundy. If you are renting one from a school, the decision is out of your hand and you’ll probably be playing a Bundy.

Selmer Bundy SaxophoneSelmer Bundy Eb Alto Saxophone

If you need saxophone parts, you might like to investigate the Bundy sax line. They make a student quality plastic mouthpiece that is reported to be quite good for learning to play. Student quality mouthpieces are designed to be easier for beginners to use.

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