The Buffet Saxophone

The Buffet saxophone, made by the Buffet Crampon company has been around since 1866, which was just 20 years after Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone. The company is named after Denis Buffet-Auger, who began making clarinets in 1825. When his son married a woman named Zoe Crampon, the company name became Buffet Crampon. They still use the same logo as they did in 1844.

The current model available is the S3 Prestige. It is distinctive in that it is made of copper. Many saxophonists prefer the S3 Prestige because it makes a round, warm sound. It has great acoustical qualities. One nice feature is the adjustable thumb rest, which makes each player able to customize the sax for his or her best playing position. The leather pads have metal resonators, providing an airtight seal that lasts a long time.


A unique feature of the Buffet saxophone is seen in the right hand key inlays. They are shaped with ergonomics in mind, making for a comfortable feel and ease of performance. The copper body looks sharp and is reported to provide for easier blowing. It is also available in silver finish. The sax has a special bore that offers a fuller sound. Furthermore, the F-sharp key has a special guard system included. The S3 Prestige, which is an alto saxophone, also has a unique design for the key group operated by the small finger of the left hand.

Other Buffet models are no longer in production, but are considered desirable because they are good, professional quality instruments.They seem to be geared toward classical playing. However, there are professional jazz saxophonists that play a Buffet Campon.

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