Buescher Tenor Saxophone

Buescher Tenor Saxophone

Although Adolphe Sax was the original designer of the saxophone family of musical instruments, his inventions kept getting imported from Europe rather than produced in Northern America. The first “local” saxophones were produced in 1888 by Gus Buescher, so you can understand why his name bears such importance today. Buescher saxophones are regarded highly not only for their tradition but also for their high quality designs and perfect sounds.

The Buescher tenor saxophone, as with the original model made by Sax, is medium sized compared to its fellow family members and it is pitched in B-flat. Besides its use in orchestras and marching bands, it gained even more popularity when the jazz fever came up. One might say it was produced with perfect timing, just as the saxophone-based musical industry started catching roots. Now, the Buescher tenor saxophone is regarded as a jazz emblem, especially since the tenor saxophone has been recognized as the typical jazz family member (next to the alto).

buescher tenor saxophone

The story of the Buescher saxophone is not as simple as one might think. Buescher was first hired by the C.G. Conn Company when he first produced his saxophones on American land. Soon after, he foresaw the potential of his musical instruments and believed he could do better off himself. At first however, his company struggled in anonymity but in 1897 his business really boomed. The Buescher tenor sax became one of the most sought after musical instruments at that time in America and his entire line of saxophones became a quality reference to his competitors.

The price of a Buescher tenor saxophone can go to somewhere around $500 which is comparable to some of the other important sax names of today. You will hardly hear someone that bought a Buescher saxophone complain about it having some imperfection, an annoying mouthpiece, strange notes and so forth. It’s absolutely carved to spell out perfection.

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