Buescher tenor saxophone : High notes

Hi. I recently purhcased a Buescher Aristocrat Tenor: I think 1951/1956. Great horn. Completely adjusted and necessary pads replaced, etc.

When I played the horn in the store I had a difficult time hitting the high notes on the high octive side of the horn. They seemed challenging to bring out and/or definant.

I normally play Alto (have for 12 yrs. plus on and off)The owner of the store suggested that I probably need to adjust to the difference between playing an Alto and a Tenor. I took the horn it's a good horn irregardless and great antique-- and I got the feeling it wasn't the horn but me.

Any thoughts on what may be going on here?

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Jun 24, 2009
Buescher tenor
by: Karen

I have also just purchased a Buescher tenor sax, serial #185064. I believe it is from around the 1920's to the 30's. Trying to track that info. down at the moment. I also had a difficult time with the high notes, but had success when I did not fully insert the neck .Crazy? I don't know, but it worked. I had to fool around with it until I achieved the results I wanted. Now I just have to adjust to the quirks of the new to me old instrument. I am a 2nd year beginner musician and do not have much experience with instruments but am loving the Buescher tenor sax.

Apr 02, 2010
high note problems
by: Anonymous

I am a novice and also have Buscher Aristocrat with replaced crook but hit most of the low notes but high notes are very difficult. Any suggestions my teacher says a new mouthpiece but I am using a selmer which cost £105

Oct 14, 2012
high notes
by: Duane

chose of reeds is important. When purchasing reeds remove reed hold reed to light and looking at reed make sure grain runs straight and true.When installing reed on mouth pice, Ifound installing reed 1/16 of inch past mouth piece.When securing reed thumb screws on top of mouth piece,this will secure reed on mouth piece.Try going up or down with reed. I use #2.Lower lip firm and slightly under reed.Cheeks in and firm.I own a 1956 tenor aristocrat.My parents bought my sax in 1968,my sax hits highs and lows perfect.I had my sax rebuilt twice.

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