Black Saxophones

Of the various finishes available, black saxophones are very popular. They look stunning and stylish in jazz or rock bands. The keys are often plated in silver or gold and form a striking appearance against the gleaming black lacquered surface. In addition to the metallic shine of the keys, the keys also often feature trim of mother of pearl for a beautiful touch.

All the major saxophone companies produce black lacquered saxophones. Saxophonists often recommend Yanagisawa as an extremely reliable brand, affectionately referring to these horns as “Yani’s.”

The Yanagisawa alto saxophone A-991, sometimes thought to be the best on the market, can be purchased in gleaming black with ornate gold trim on the bell.

The Selmer Model 62 is also available in black lacquer finish with hand engraved trim. Selmer is similarly well respected as a manufacturer of saxophones. 

black saxophoneBlack Tenor Saxophone

The Keilwerth EX90 comes in black nickel with a lacquered finish and mother of pearl keys. 

Keilwerth, Selmer, and Yanagisawa, along with Yamaha form the “big four” of saxophone companies. Most experienced saxophonists recommend you choose from the saxophones produced by these companies if you want a quality instrument that is going to sound great and last a long time.

A lesser-known company called “Woodwind” produces black saxophones that receive accolades from saxophonists who have tried them. While Woodwind saxes retail at $1500 or better, they are less expensive than saxes from the big four. For a really inexpensive black sax, look into the Anaxa brand. While these instruments don’t always receive rave reviews from players, they are less expensive, and in addition to getting them in black, you might like to consider one in purple, green, red or blue!

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