Black Saxophone Models

For a sharp look, have you considered a black saxophone? Many companies produce saxophones with a black lacquered finish as well as the more common brass, silver, and nickel finishes. The four most frequently cited brands of saxophones are Keilworth, Yamaha, Selmer, and Yanagisawa. These brands are well thought of among saxophonists, but that does not mean that a different brand won't be a good horn. If you happen to find a black sax of a different brand, by all means give it a try out and see if you like it.

If you happen to be in a marching band, there may be restrictions against playing a saxophone that is an unusual color. If black is one of the school colors, it might be seen as an act of school spirit, however. Check with your band director to be certain a black horn will be allowed. It probably will not be a problem, but you probably should check to be sure, since it will be a sizeable investment.

For an affordable saxophone with a black lacquered finish, look into the one made by Antiqua Winds. It costs less than the professional black horns and has a good reputation among sax players. 

black saxophoneA black Sax

Anaxa makes an $800 alto saxophone that is available in red, blue, green, and purple as well as black. It is reported to blow easily. It features quality leather pads and metal resonators. Also, imagine how sharp the white mother of pearl keys would look against this saxophone. The saxophone is a beautiful musical instrument anyway. In black it is stunning and attractive - a real eye-catcher.

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