Barrington Saxophone- Band Mom needs help with info on it.

Hi there,
Looking for an inexpensive soprano saxophone for our son for Christmas. He has played alto sax, and currently plays a Selmer tenor sax. He wants a soprano just to play around with. I saw a Barrington Soprano online by a company called woodwind brass wind for a really inexpensive price and wondered if that would be a good one to try.?? Please send comments as soon as possible before I buy one. If not this one what inexpensive brand can I look for?????
Thanks, Pat

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Dec 08, 2009
Barrington Sax
by: Shadowman

Can't find much info on the net about them as far as user reviews. I think they are sold by the Barrington Co. in the U.S, they made and sold guitars for a long time. However, many companies now import saxes from China with their company name on them.
It depends, I suppose, on what factory made it. Some Chinese made horns that sell chea, are what we call " throw away horns ", that is, they may last about a year before they fall apart. Then too, some are well constructed. I bought a Chines made Tenor sax about eight years ago at a music store that imported them with the store's
" special line " brand on them, called it the
" Bird " line of horns. I payed $1,200 for it and it still plays great! So if he just wants a horn to try, to see if he likes the soprano, an inexpensive horn could be O.K. The mouthpiece is probably the most important thing for the soprano.
I owned a Yamaha soprano, which is a very good horn, but had problems with the very high notes.
I bought a metal mouthpiece with a large chamber and open tip ( #8 ) and it made a big difference.
You dont have to spend big $$ for a mouthpiece, I have bought several inexpensive ones on e-Bay that worked fine.
Soprano's are fun to play and you can play very fast riffs on them, which is fun.
I hope this helps, and I hope your son has fun with it!

Dec 08, 2009
Soprano sax ----
by: Murray Middleman

Craig's List and E-Bay have people who have instruments sitting around.
i am in Los Angeles. If you have a friend or band teache ,pay him $30 or $40 to locate a Soprano for you . inLosAngeles there are five nearby areas Ornge county Palm Springs ctc.
many retire people have great instrument for a fraction of the cost . Get a Yamaha , Yanakisawa , Selmer , or other good names .
A Barrington is o.k , but a student cheaper instrument nade in China . So So --Woodwind and brasswind has a good return policy .so no worries....
murray M gvt_

Dec 09, 2009
Barrington Saxophone
by: Band Mom

A sincere thank you for the helpful comments!
Merry Christmas

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