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A bari sax is a major investment, so you will want a baritone saxophone case to protect it. Perhaps your sax came with a case. Usually they do, but in some situations you have to buy a case separately. Cases come in several types, most notably hard sided cases and soft-sided gig bags. If you will be flying with your baritone sax and need to check it in with airport luggage, you will want a hard sided case.

For a really durable case, the hard sided case made by Bam has many fans. The outside of this case is made of tough but lightweight cordura nylon and the inside is padded with foam. It fits either a low A or B-flat baritone sax. It has a handle and wheels so that you can push it along the ground. The list price of this case is $780, but it is recommended for musicians who travel. This baritone saxophone case is likely to get scratched up, according to owners, but it protects the horn inside.

baritone saxophone case

Another manufacturer of bari sax cases is Walt Johnson. These cases receive mixed reviews as to their effectiveness in protecting your saxophone. Some owners say that the case will dent and then spring back so that it looks as though nothing happened, but inside you will see the damage to the baritone sax. Other owners say they are the best you can get. The basic Walt Johnson case runs $470 while the higher quality travel case costs almost $900.

A cheaper hard sided case is made by ProTec. This case, which retails for under $300, is made of plywood covered with nylon, and is padded with foam and lined with plush. It closes with zippers, and has an external pocket, making it sort of a cross between a hard case and a gig bag.

baritone saxophone case

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