Alto Saxophone Songs

Alto Saxophone Songs

The alto is undoubtedly the most popular member of the saxophone family, mainly because of the fact that it’s easier to handle than other, more complex instruments of its kind. The alto is the sax of choice in most music schools, when it comes to teaching students that are newcomers to the genre. Another important fact that makes it so popular is that the majority of classical writers and composers preferred the alto saxophone to say, tenor or soprano.

But don’t let the above statement fool you, alto saxophone songs are not a thing of the past. Their popularity is equally fit for today’s musical scene and the alto is the instrument of choice for jazz, funk, blues or jazz-rock concerts. Some of the biggest names in these genres composed and played alto saxophone music and are generally known as “alto saxophonists”; names including Lee Konitz, Jackie McLean, Phil Woods, Charlie Parker, Donald Sinta, Ornette Coleman or Fela Kuti.

Saxophone Sheet Music

Free Alto Saxophone Music

Whether you’re a fresh student learning alto or an experienced player that needs to boost his repertoire, learning new songs is never dull. The Internet provides a lot of sheets and songs for practice and the huge popularity of the alto saxophone will make it easier to find something useful in a matter of minutes. However, if you want a more complex and solid assortment of songs to practice with, it is advisable that you purchase one of the many compilation books out there. One such collection, found at , is called the “Big Book of Alto Saxophone Songs” and it is a good place to start if you’re a beginner or intermediate alto sax player.

That of course, is simply an example. There is a large variety of websites and books that offer everything you could ever need regarding alto sax songs. Pop, rock, jazz, boogie and latino hits using altos are everywhere to be found, some come free, some come for a cheap price and others are so expensive they are not even worth looking at.

Alto Saxophone Music

All About Alto Saxophones.

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