Alto Saxophone Reviews - how important are they?

Be sure to read many alto saxophone reviews if you are in the market for a saxophone. If you are an experienced player, you can probably tell if you like a sax just by playing it. If you are looking for an instrument for a child, or you are a beginner, it's another story. Unfortunately, the brand name may not necessarily indicate the quality of the saxophone. According to professional saxophonists, some of the shiny new saxes on the market today look great but are really not good horns at all.

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In third world countries, so the story goes, instrument makers take an alto saxophone apart and design new saxophones from the parts. They call this "reverse engineering," and say that in order to create a good saxophone, the engineers need to understand the instrument intimately, not just copy sizes and shapes. These saxophones, often made in Asian countries, are reported to be so low quality that you can't even get music dealers to take them in trade for other instruments. So read the alto saxophone reviews to be sure you're getting something decent.

It's important to get an alto saxophone that is well made and easy to play because it is not an easy instrument to learn. Especially in the event of a young person, if it is too difficult to play, they could lose interest and your investment will be in vain. In addition to reading alto saxophone reviews, consider only doing business with a dealer you trust, and get a knowledgeable person to check out the alto saxophone you are interested in. Saxophonists differ in opinion when it comes to the value of a new versus a used saxophone. Some feel that the vintage horns are a good deal because they were well made in the first place. These experts feel that a used horn may be the best deal for a beginner.

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Other saxophonists say that the used alto saxes are already worn out. They would advise you to go with a new saxophone from a reputable company. Some would go so far as to advise getting an intermediate level saxophone because the student models are so hard to play. Obviously, buying an alto saxophone for a beginner is a complex decision. For this reason you probably should read all the alto saxophone reviews you can.

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