Alto Saxophone Parts

Understanding alto saxophone parts is an important aspect of learning to play the instrument. While the reed is a tiny part, it is extremely important. There are some things you can do to prolong the life of a reed. One of the most important is storing them in a reed case that is designed to control the humidity. A good reed case, while not one of the saxophone parts, is important to keep in your case. It will allow you to keep track of different "hardnesses" of reeds that are in use.

It is a good idea to change types of reed hardness frequently to keep your lips strong, but you’ll want to be able to find the one you want for performances. Another tip for prolonging the useful life of a saxophone reed is to not play right after eating sweets, because sugar will decay a reed just like it will your teeth.

The next most important part is the mouthpiece. Since most players presumably have their own favorites, even professional quality saxophones come with mediocre mouthpieces. A mouthpiece has a chamber under the tip. A large chamber is good for classical music because it brings out the lower tones. A smaller chamber emphasizes higher, brighter tones, such as are heard in jazz. While the mouthpiece can be made of several types of material, hard rubber is usually favored.

alto saxophone parts

A third of the alto saxophone parts is needed to attach the reed to the mouthpiece. This is the little clamp called the “ligature.” Usually the ligature is made of thin metal, but sometimes it is made of rubberized fabric. The rubberized type is preferred for classical music, while the metal emphasizes the bright sound of jazz.

Actually, the saxophone is comprised of two major parts. These are the neck and the body. The neck is a removable metal tube. This tube attaches to the top of the saxophone's body and is covered with cork at the end. This allows the mouthpiece to slide unto it.

Then there's the saxophone's body which consists of a brass tube that is conically shaped. You will find a number of posts soldered unto the body, or ribs attached to it. These support rods keys and key cups that hold leather pads. The pads cover the holes on the body.

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