Alto saxophone music

Alto Saxophone Music

When starting to learn how to play the saxophone, many proceed by learning on the alto and then moving on to the tenor. The soprano and baritone levels are next, once the saxophone player gathers enough skill and confidence.

Many students favor alto saxophone music so as to develop the necessary skills to play classical music. It is known that alto sax music is the number one choice for classical saxophonists. Although easier to play on than the baritone or soprano, the alto also has some fine variations of sound that the player must become aware of. Classical music concerts often feature alto music as compared to the other choices, as this give the orchestra more flexibility and allows the saxophone player to enrich the sound with higher pitched notes.

Saxophone use in jazz music

Although the tenor is predominantly used by solo saxophone players when it comes to jazz, the alto is the second most favorite choice. When compared to the soprano, which is considered less appropriate for jazz, the alto offers better control and is easier to keep in tune. This is why alto saxophone music is present both on the classic music stages and in small and select jazz clubs.

Among the other three members of the band family, the alto is considered one of the most flexible. Although playing on the alto saxophone implies more simplicity, this also means that the saxophone player has a greater level of control over the notes the sax produces.

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