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If you are interested in playing the sax, alto saxophone lessons are for you. While saxophones come in other sizes and ranges, such as the somewhat rare soprano sax, the tenor sax, and the baritone sax, the alto saxophone is most often the first instrument for a saxophonist. This is because it is somewhat lighter and easier to handle than the larger saxophones.

The obvious place to take is in school. The trend toward school bands took place in the '60s and '70s when the baby boomer generation became school aged. Since then, most public schools provide beginning band instrument lessons in about the 5th or 6th grade. For students who can't afford instruments, schools often have instrument rental programs. This is particularly true for children who want to learn more expensive instruments, such as the alto saxophone.

Beginner Video Lessons

If you happen to be older than 5th or 6th grade and you want to learn to play the sax, you can take lessons from a local saxophonist. Beginning lessons should start at around $10 for a half-hour session, which will be held weekly. To get the most out of lessons, a beginner should stick to a schedule of daily or almost daily practice. Beginners on the saxophone sometimes hurt their tongue on the reed, so be careful about that. Don't play so long or so hard at one time that you have to take a week off to rest and recuperate!

It's also possible to find resources online for learning to play the alto saxophone. A person can probably teach themselves from alto saxophone lessons online, but it would be prudent to find an experienced player to consult with when you have problems or questions.

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